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when you see someone post a stupid fucking opinion but you don’t wanna start nothing



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Chicago, IL. August 29, 2014

Anonymous: literally what the fuck is this "multiple boners" thing?


literally exactly what it says….

that’s harry’s hand that louis is grabbing….is that a banana in his pocket?

this whisper……..

led to this boner which louis awkwardly spent time trying to hide (the video is hilarious because he’s like trying to hide it - tugging on his shirt, covering it with his mic, at one point he kneels…and that look he’s giving - guess who’s on the other end LOL

perfectly normal to pop a boner when your pal takes his shirt off

not a boner but he’s basically grabbing his dick while talking to harry (if i’m remembering the video right zayn is above totally smirking)

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